Membership Has Benefits & Value

The 2018 State Legislative session ended with a huge victory for Medicine.

Thanks to the work of the MOA Leadership, Lobbyist and Membership Support together defeated the onerous and far reaching health reform bill that would have enacted:

  • Podiatry Scope Expansion
  • 8.75% Tax on ASCs Revenue
  • Bad Out of Network Formulary with Administrative Burdens,
  • Increase in Licensure Fees,
  • Delineation of a new category of office based surgery centers and more.


More Reforms Are Anticipated in 2019.
Your Membership Renewal is Vital.

Please support your orthopaedic colleagues in joining and/or renewing your membership for 2019 in the ONLY STATEWIDE organization representing you, your practice and your patients at the MA State House and in D.C.

At just $300.00 a year (150.00 for first year members), the MOA represents all orthopaedic surgeons whether you’re in private practice, hospital or academic based, you benefit. Your membership renewal also includes a FREE one year subscription to OrthoEvidence - A global, online source for quality, evidence-based summaries by the orthopaedic l community with a growing library of the highest quality research at no cost to you ($100.00 value).


MOA Working For YOU

  • Dedicated MOA lobbyist at the State House (supported by your dues dollars) closely monitors, supports and opposes all bills that impact orthopaedic surgeons and patients.
  • AAOS Representation and Federal Lobbying Efforts
  • Meetings with insurance medical directors and policy makers from major private insurers regarding Viscosupplementation policy, Coordination of Benefits policy and more. Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Policy Review Work Group & Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee Representation.
  • Ensuring key Worker’s Compensation provisions previously negotiated by the MOA remain including the ability to negotiate worker’ compensation fees.
  • Scientific Meeting with expert speakers, Risk Management and CME credits. SAVE THE DATE for 2019 Annual Meeting – May 2, 2019
  • Statewide Orthopaedic Annual Resident Forum and Paper Competition


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